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Top 10 Storage Customization Ideas for Pickup Truck Beds

Apr 08 2016 · Easily removable custom bins attached to the backside area of your deck can be used as shopping baskets and keep your things within reach saving you the hassle of climbing up to your loading area. ... PVC storages under your help save space and allow for easy transport of unusually long pipes and rods. ... Ashok Leyland 3520 ...

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1947-1972 Bed Wood Prep and Finish - Brothers Classic ...

Mar 01 2016 · The reason they must be level is to guarantee and even coat on the bed wood. Varnish in its liquid form has the characteristics of water and will run downhill and puddle. Machining the wood produces very sharp edges which need to be rounded over for the finish to adhere. A file is to bevel the edges about 1/16-inch.

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Tonneau Cover Maintenance and Cleaning Tips |

Jan 04 2013 · Tonneau Covers are one of the most widely used and important accessories you can add to your truck keeping cargo protected from theft and harsh weather conditions increasing fuel mileage and adding a streamlined look to the . Whether you own a hard soft retractable folding or roll-up Tonneau cover taking care of it will ensure that it doesn't crack tear or deteriorate ...

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How To Clean/Maintain Your Tonneau Cover - YouTube

Todd shows us how to clean your tonneau cover using Tonneau Sauce.Other cleaners you could use are the Extang Tonno Tonic Truxedo Protex and Access PPC whi...

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The Top 5 Maintenance Tips for a Tonneau Cover ...

Dec 06 2018 · Use water and mild soap to keep your tonneau cover clean. The soap is easy on the truck and wont harm your cover. If you have a vinyl cover use vinyl cleaner to keep it looking new and working properly. Use soft cotton cloths or sponges to dry the cover.

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Maintaining Your Bedliner | LINE-X

Jan 26 2016 · To ensure your LINE-X bedliner performs to the highest standards allow it to fully cure and keep it clean. When you pick up your truck from your local LINE-X your bedliner is 80% cured. You are immediately ready for light duty use. Wait 24 hours before hauling rocks rubble or other heavy objects. At that time your bedliner will be fully cured.

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12 Important Steps to Empty a Dump Truck Load!

Go to the rear of the dump bed unhook or unlock the tailgate. Engage the Power take-off (PTO) to raise the truck bed and apply downward pressure on the brake pedal. 10. Honk the horn to make a loud sound when the contents are starting to deposit on the ground. This is to alert bystanders and personnel that the discharging of the materials has ...

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